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Welcome to the web site of Event Medical Solutions (EMS), one of Australia's leading providers of event medical staff EMS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company.

These days, when running an event, you need to be able to limit your risks and liabilities, particularly with First Aid and Medical coverage. Just having someone about with a first aid certificate and first aid kit simply won't cut it.

As an event organiser, you need to ask the following questions of any first aid or medical provider you may choose to use to cover your events.

1. Do you hold medical and public liability insurance?
2. Do you hold work cover insurance for all your staff?
3. Are you accredited to provide stand by medical services at events by the Victorian Government or any other state government health department?
4. Are you licensed to use and hold restricted pain relief by the relevant state government health department?

If you get a no to any of these questions, you have to ask exactly what you are getting for your money. As these providers can do no more for a sick or injured patron than a member of the public with a Level 3 Workplace First Aid Certificate.

If the company in question says they are using qualified registered nurses, you must be aware that with changes to nurses national registration that came into affect 1st July 2010, nurses can no longer treat outside of a hospital or healthcare environment (community health organisation) above that of a level 2 first aider. They cannot even give panadol or any other over the counter medications without explicit instructions in writing from a medical practitioner.

EMS is an accredited NEPT provider for low, medium and high accuity patients in Victoria with an event standby licence in Victoria issued by DHHS. EMS holds a restricted drug permit for S2, S3 and S4 medications including Methoxyflurane. We also hold medication endorsements in New South Wales and South Australia. EMS is also a stand-alone accredited Private Ambulance service in Tasmania (www.emsprivateambulance.com.au)

Event Medical Solutions can provide you, your club, your business or government organisation with qualified and experienced staff including

First responders
Military Trained
Basic / Advanced Medical Assistants
Advanced Firstaiders
Patient Transport Officers
Ambulance Officers
Ambulance Attendants
Mobile Intensive Care Paramedicsbr />
We guarantee that our Paramedics/Medics will attend your function or event on time and provide a level of care and service that other event medical providers will find hard to match.

Our mission is to provide the best medical treatment, to enhance the best possible outcome to the patient after an accident or incident, and to do so in a way to minimise the risks to you, the organisers.

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